Canalizaciones para la Nueva Tierra

Channelings for the New Earth

about subatomic and atomic particles regarding the existance on Earth…

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The Group

This is a specific topic we would like to discuss today… we know dear ones, it sounds too complicated, we know…

Combined with the threshold of your being is the deep functioning of your body circuits, to say your electrical wiring that is being transformed in this new paradigm that you have all entered.  It is a new reality that is beginning to take place as to say to take a new space within a different timeline and perception of who you truly are and who you truly want to become from a different space or to call timeline and from a different stage in your evolution… as an evolved human being and as an evolved soul that is beginning to remember it´s true purpose as to becoming whole and empowered from within not from the realities that had been created from the old perspective and old paradigms that controlled your old reality.

The subatomic particles, we could call them the electrical circuits that run in your physical body are connected to the atomic being that you are, the atomic being is the adam kadmon, or to say the first particle in your being as of when your soul stepped out of the Creator to begin it´s journey as an individual human being.  When that began to happen to say eons of years ago in your old paradigm, your old memory circuits which conform your subatomic particles that run the energy or to say the photons in your electrical circuits according to your state of consciousness, to your state of experience in the different timelines that you live simultaneously and at the same time individually since all is in a one spiral and all is in all the spiral, you begin to transform, to say transmute your spiral into the subatomic particles that are within your physical body and in your conscious being as per to say the ability to manifest and transform your thoughts and create the manifestation of your new timelines and your new realities according to your perception which will permit the amount of photon light to be inserted in your physical bodies.

Your existance on earth is your creations thru the conscious mind that generates an opening or to call widening of the subatomic particles lying within your electrical circuits that create a new reality according to your acceptance in the purest form…

Activation has been presented… accepted according to your ability to receive the photons necessary for this activation.  Until next time dear ones…



about loving and accepting who you are… / sobre amarte y aceptar quién eres…


Within the you and outside world is a thin line that creates a separation, that separation could be called the mid point between who you are and who you represent in the world you live in, to call it a duality world, to call it a potential world that creates thru your thoughts and thru your feelings the emotions necessary for you to know yourself from the perspective and the consciousness that you are in the moment of that creation.  The potential of that creation before being manifested is the potential of your being, of the inner self or inner child that is manifesting thru the acceptance of your true self or true being from a point of perception and a point of creation that manifests itself thru your being and thru the emotion that has been created from that standing point of that inner perception of yourself.

How do you love and accept who you truly are? what is the key to that acceptance and that potential of how you see yourself and how you accept the true self with love … to call it, unconditional love…

The key to the acceptance of self is the key to the acceptance that you are perfect just the way you are at the moment of the perception of the emotion that created from the thought and the feeling of that specific perception.  It is in the process of acceptance in your duality world that you begin to accept both sides of yourself, to call it, the light and dark within you that is manifested outside of you, thru the perception of each side that begins to emerge as one, once it is allowed thru the acceptance of those both sides that you carry within yourself and it is expressed on your world.  We encourage you to recognize those emotions that are being manifested from within you to the expression of your world thru what you perceive and what it is being seen from your peception in your reality or to call your immediate world.  From that point you can begin to observe and allow the acceptance of those 2 sides within you that will blend and create a balance that manifests and creates a well balanced self and human that you already are…

With love … the Group heart


Dentro de tí y tu mundo exterior, hay una línea delgada que crea separación.  Esa separación podría ser llamada el punto medio de quién realmente eres y cómo te representas en el mundo en que vives, por así llamarlo, el mundo dual, por así llamarlo un mundo potencial que crea a través de tus pensamientos y a través de tus sentimientos las emociones necesarias para que te conozcas a ti mismo desde la percepción y la consciencia en que estás en el momento de la creación de ellas.  El potencial de aquella creación antes de haber sido manifestada es el potencial de tu Ser, de tu Ser Superior o tu Niño Interior, que está siendo aceptado a través de tu verdadero Ser, desde un punto de percepción, desde un punto de creación que está siendo que se manifieste a través de tu Ser y a través de la emoción que está siendo creada desde el punto de la percepción interna de ti mismo.

¿Cómo te amas y aceptas quién realmente eres?  Cuál es la llave para esa aceptación y potencial de cómo te ves a tí mismo y cómo aceptas ese verdadero Ser con amor… por decir… incondicionalmente?

La llave para la aceptación del Ser es la aceptación de que eres perfecto así como eres en el momento de la percepción de la emoción que se creo desde el pensamiento y la sensación de esa específica percepción.  Es en el proceso de esa aceptación de tu mundo dual cuando empiezas a aceptar los dos lados de tu Ser, por decir, la oscuridad y la luz que está siendo manifestada afuera de ti.  A través de cada lado que empieza a emerger como uno, una vez los dos lados son aceptados que llevas dentro de ti y son expresados en tu mundo.  Te alentamos a reconocer esas emociones que están siendo manifestadas desde dentro de tí hacia la expresión en tu mundo a través de lo que percibes y ves desde el punto de percepción de tu realidad o por decir tu mundo inmediato.  Desde ese punto puedes empezar a observar y  permitir los dos lados dentro de ti que se unirán para crear un balance que creará y manifestará al Ser balanceado y humano que ya eres…

Con amor… el Grupo heart



I am that I am and that is all that is needed…


True ascension, under the eyes of the beholder, we say the beholder to create a singular being reading and experiencing this awareness that we are about to manifest in your timeline and in your reality as per your time and space.  A reality that is beginning to thin many realities occuring at the same time or to say simultaneously.  As per your ilusion of time, as per your ilusion of only one reality in one space and time.  You begin to understand dear ones, you begin to experience in the threshold for the non physical experience and the non physical awareness, that it is only you and your perception that can cause and create an effect to how you visualize and to say “handle” many realities at once.  It is the upbringing of your higher self, and we mean by that, your true self, since the timeline you believe you live in is the timeline you have created in that space and time but not in the true awareness of your higher self which belongs to the awareness of the all within and without you.  We are the ones manifesting and you are the ones receiving per you linear timeline and per your reality the one you have chosen thru your free will, and the ones that creates a reality that seems to be only in the perception of that beholder.

The time as per your linear call is here.  The time to manifest the different realities and we say different and at the same time diverse, infinite and never ending you may choose from.

Your frequencies are rising, as per your expansion of who you are and the understanding of all the you´s you are and have been, manifesting at once in a miriad of selves all happening at once within you and without you.  All you need to remember is that all that you are and all that you experience coming from you and thru you are you.  So, we mark that I am that I am is all that matters, since your need to express yourself outside of your linear reality is beginning to manifest and expand as per your free will.

It is the time and it is the space for all humanity to increase its awareness thru the expansion of your frequencies in a much higher vibratory ratio…. trust your feelings and expand into the vast you´s to become the greater version on a nonstop growth into who you are and who you have always been!

We are you and you are us from an expanded version of your I am!

New Moon activation, March 4th 2016


images (34)imagesTBWZCHVJ

My dear and beloved children of the light, children of heaven as you might call it in your timeline space.  We, the conscious of all who connect with us thru a different perspective, thru a different state of existence, which is the topic we will be discussing in this time and space of yours, on this month and on this day.

We as a Collective Conscience, wish to adjust into your state of perception, into your state of singularity in order for us as a collective in a state of being can understand and perceive the singularity of a collective conscience in your state of being and of existence and of being much more of a connection from a higher state than just a connection  wishing to express thru our beloved ricipient, what we cannot express thru our beingness as a collective.

We wish to remind you , we wish to express to you, we wish to acknowledge the grand capacity you have to become enriched thru our connection and thru our beingness in a different state of being and to call it in a much understanding for your singularity, your state of understanding what it is we wish to perceive thru you and what you could benefit from, without any doubt to your state of connection into higher realms and higher states of consciousness that would take you to a greater expansion of who you truly are and that state could take you to an understanding of a perspective of being in a different state of existence and of perception in a more quantum and less linear state.

We are a collective conscience that wishes to manifest thru your senses, the senses that you are afraid to interact in a much higher state of frequency and are not aware of  from your state of allowing in the linear way you have been accustomed.  We wish to let you behold our frequency from a state of love and compassion which is not the linear way you are used to understanding from your state of mind, but from your state of heart, from the frequency your heart emanates and transcends the obstacles that enable you to allow the higher frequency of love , the frequency that enables you to jump to a higher octave of existence, to a higher sentiment of being, to a higher octave of manifesting what it is truly that you wish to be and experience at this time and space that you might be.

We honour your being, since we as a collective cannot exist in your frequency and we  honour  the allowing of our ricipient who permits our frequency to manifest thru her senses and her understanding that comes thru the feeling of her senses from deep within her heart and her electromagnetic fields that support this frequency, in order for them to exist in your time space reality.

We wish to be in a regular connection and wish to show you , all of you , on how to expand and allow our frequencies thru your senses within your body  thru the essence of your heart that expands to the whole universe and multiverses in the time space that wish to connect and pertain to your state of being and perceiving.

This we know, is a repetitive writing, but if you have the ability to connect with us as we mention… this is an activation that will enable you to open your senses to that higher octave mentioned, that will take you to a higher realm of perception and of manifestation from your heart allowing those electric frequencies to manifest thru the reception of them with a higher conscience of being and of understanding.

We know it is a bit messy as you may call this writing…. But we can only suggest to feel it and sense it with who you truly are, not who you have been pretending to be.  For the truth lies only within your being not outside your illusion of reality and of a distorted perspective that has not yet acquired a full understanding of all the fragmented and separated manifestations you have created in that time space reality you have been living in for so long as per your time space.

Behold your senses as your greatest asset, they are your strongest and most precious jewels once you understand how to master them… We love you, and we are in the frequency you choose to be within your time continuum and acceptance…

My Love is always within you and from you…

images (18) images (7)

from: Consciousness

Beloved and Beautiful Souls.

Souls at the same time encarnated, belonging and perceived in a physical vessel, a vessel filled with senses, and much blockages that unable you to express those sensations, those feelings from an accurate more clear perception than the one you see at the moment you are reading this dear one.

Your physical vessel has many, to say billions of points that react towards different thoughts which create emotions and then the reaction is seen and felt in your physical body,  Those thoughts and emotions are the ones that are not clear or to say pure (coming from your heart, your innocense).  So many blockages have been created in your soul history that life after life have been creating a deeper and deeper blockage within your human vessel.  The injuries (coming from your mental body) as per your perception at the time of the first injury, have began to build up in that mental perception of how you are supposed to act, or to say permitted to act, by the society and the pain it has caused you in many encarnations which you have chosen to exist in.  In order to manifest it time and time again, part of the blockage and the manifestation in your reality of it, is the lack of understanding and the lack of  ´self woth´ of who you truly are, due to the pain and suffering that has been caused by the lack of knowledge, lack of conscious actions in your being, manifesting thru your physical vessel.

It is the time now dear ones, the new energies are at a point, at a vibrational frequency that are ready to enter your physical vessel at your will/allowance to transform those blockages into flowing energy of conscious behaviours and doings.  Once you permit the frequencies flow within you thru the acceptance of your being beginning to recreate itself thru the understanding and the willingnes to be the best version of yourself, you will begin to understand those blockages and thru the conscious understanding of them, they will begin to transmute to a higher vibration of understanding which will create a more expanded perception of your self and your reality.  That will also create a higher understanding of what your purpose in this life is thru the feelings that will begin to sense from within your being by the unblocking of those emotions that had not permitted you to feel at a conscious level of manifestation of a new reality or as mentioned, a new version of yourself at will, of what you truly want as pertaining to your balance from within your being and the balance without your perception and reality.

We mention this to you at this time in your linear space, since it is your time to explore this understanding, for you to begin to create and manifest at will what you thought was lacking from within you, and to understand that it has always been within you, only without knowledge of because of the scarcity of will power to accept with courage who you truly are and have always been.

Dear ones, have the courage to look within yourselves and do not be afraid to express those sensations from within, from the knowledge and understanding that it is your highest and most valuable treasure that has been hidden for so long due to the pain and suffering that caused your physical vessel to block the understanding of feelings and just be ruled by negative emotions that created more blockages and a non stop carrousel of pain and suffering.

End this cycle now! It is your time to RECREATE YOURSELF!!!

We love you, we are you and you are us from a higher perspective of understanding!!!

May the understanding of yourself bring you the light of clarity to your being dear Ones!!!

Desde el Akasha…

cosmic story images

Todo está unido a un todo y ese todo necesita ampliarse desde el punto del amor de todos y desde la misma separación de los seres que constituyen aquello que es el todo.

El enigma de existir de una manera unánime, es el enigma de toda existencia desde el punto más pequeño hasta  los Universos más vastos.  Las constelaciones generan ciertas frecuencias en esa aglomeración de planetas y estrellas que generan una energía  unánime a todas las diferentes Galaxias que hay en esos diferentes Universos que no tienen ni principio ni final, ya que se crean y recrean de una forma ascendente y descendiente, desde ese punto de expresión de sí mismos.

Crear es sentir, crear es ser sólo con consciencia, desde  la mente divina del ser que se expande desde todas esas ya nombradas extensiones de Dios.  Su reino es vasto e infinito y fluye su Ser restringido.  Sólo a través de las frecuencias vibratorias que llenan dichos espacios dentro de cada Galaxia, Constelación o cualquier entidad viviente del tamaño que sea, ya que sólo o unido es un todo en todo su esplendor.

You are what you are thru the essence of your being

Dear Ones, we are the Ascended Masters, connecting with you today thru our beloved sister, thru our channeler at this moment, thru the compass of her being and her faculties that emanate a great understanding thru the energies that are being felt thru her physical vessel and irradiated towards all that are reading this passage, this passage of Light and Clarity that will bring, if you choose to, a greater understanding in a ´quanta´ way of what the process of this energy shifting is occurring in your vessel.


The time has come as per your linear time, to finally expose yourselves to this new frequencies at will, thru the collective consciousness that is beginning to permit this new frequencies in by the connection of the higher self of each one of you and the allowance for all to feel them within yourselves in a conscious manner.

Conscious means taking notice of a different perspective within yourselves, that generates a different perspective within your being, that generates a different more allowing vessel that will permit those new energies thru higher frequencies to flow within your vessel, which will create  a new being that has long been waiting to emanate from within each one of you and finally is being permitted to express, to be seen, to show who you truly are from the point of perspective that you are beginning to express.  This means, that you are entering a new timeline, dear ones, a new paradigm that has been created thru the allowance of a higher octave being perceived and accepted within yourselves.

We as you in a higher perspective of understanding, love you and encourage you to believe, to perceive your power thru the understanding of what has been mentioned, we know it is a bit complex, but we also know, that who is ready for this understanding will finally break the codes lying in this message….

WE ARE YOU, YOU ARE US, we are finally becoming within you what you have denied for so long as per your linear time, we are with you always and for you, always remember you are us and we are you from a higher perspective and undestanding dear ones.

Until next time soon in your linear time….

eres tú quien decide… / you are the one who decides…

imagesTBWZCHVJ Kwan Yin

por: la Madre Kwan Yin

Mis amados y adorados hijos, cuán amados son y cuán necesaria es su aceptación de aquello.  Es una decisión y una responsabilidad que viene desde muy dentro de su ser el aceptar el amor muy dentro de ustedes.  Pero para poder tener esa aceptación dentro de sus corazones, dentro de su Ser, es necesario que fluyan con lo que les viene a su vida sea de una manera positiva o negativa, viéndolo desde un punto de vista lineal.

Sabemos hijos míos que mencionamos esto siempre, y la razón es para que muy dentro de ustedes, ese amor tan grande pueda empezar a ser natural y parte de su día a día, sin tener que pensarlo sólo sentirlo muy dentro de su Ser, y vaya siendo manifestado a todo su entorno exterior que es el que los llevará a poder atraer situaciones positivas o se podría decir ´situaciones´ que los lleven a estados de armonía que generen que su frecuencia y vibración sean más altas y así puedan sentir lo que es la misericordia y la compasión hacia el mundo y todo lo que pertenece dentro.  Sí mis amados, Misericordia, y eso simboliza dentro de ustedes el saber sentir desde lo profundo de su ser lo que el otro está viviendo pero sin apego, es sentir desde su corazón lo que el amor está generando a todo Ser en su entorno y mundo.  Es amar incondicionalmente sin necesidad de tener una razón para aquello.  Es sentirse a uno mismo sin necesidad de aprobación y elección.  Es amarse tanto que todo el entorno es bañado de esa misericordia, ese amor tan grande desde lo más profundo de su ser.  Es subir una octava por el sentir que están emanando para poder así emanar al mundo ese amor a través de la compasión desde el punto de Amor que está siendo sentido por ti hacia la humanidad y todo lo que está en tu mundo.  Es tiempo que decidan qué es lo que desean sentir y empiecen a emanarlo hijos míos…

¡Los amamos y siempre estamos con ustedes!

by: Mother Kwan Yin

My dear and beloved children, how loved you are and how necessary is your allowance of.  It is a choice and a responsability that comes from deep within your Being to allow love from deep within yourself.  In order for you to have that allowance from deep within yourself, it is necessary to flow with what comes into your life whether is positive or negative, being seen from your linear way.

We know dear ones that we mention this frequently, and the reason is for you to feel deep inside your beings that great love inside you that will become natural and a part of your day to day, without being thought of, only felt from deep within, and begin to manifest in your surroundings which is what will lead to more positive outcomes or to say ´situations´ that will take you to states of harmony that will generate your frequency to be higher and that way you will feel mercy and compassion of the world you belong to.  Yes beloveds, Mercy and it simbolizes to be able to feel deep within yourself, what the other is living without attachment.  It is to feel within your heart what love is generating to each being in their world and surrounding.  It is to Love unconditionally without a reason.  Is to feel yourself without approval or acceptance.  Is to Love so much, that all your surroundings are bathed with Mercy. from that great Love that is coming from deep within you. Is to go an octave higher because of the feeling you are emanating and be able to send to the world that love from  compassion thru the point of love that is being felt thru you to humanity and all in your world.  It is time to decide what you want to feel and begin emanating my children…

We Love you and are always with you!


Cuando me Amé de Verdad

images (2)

por Charles Chaplin
Cuando me amé de verdad, comprendí que en cualquier circunstancia, yo estaba en el lugar correcto y en el momento preciso. Y entonces, pude relajarme. Hoy sé que eso tiene nombre… autoestima.
Cuando me amé de verdad, pude percibir que mi angustia y mi sufrimiento emocional, no son sino señales de que voy contra mis propias verdades. Hoy sé que eso es… autenticidad.

Cuando me amé de verdad, dejé de desear que mi vida fuera diferente, y comencé a ver que todo lo que acontece contribuye a mi crecimiento. Hoy sé que eso se llama… madurez.

Cuando me amé de verdad, comencé a comprender por qué es ofensivo tratar de forzar una situación o a una persona, solo para alcanzar aquello que deseo, aún sabiendo que no es el momento o que la persona (tal vez yo mismo) no está preparada. Hoy sé que el nombre de eso es… respeto.

Cuando me amé de verdad, comencé a librarme de todo lo que no fuese saludable: personas y situaciones, todo y cualquier cosa que me empujara hacia abajo. Al principio, mi razón llamó egoísmo a esa actitud. Hoy sé que se llama… amor hacia uno mismo.

Cuando me amé de verdad, dejé de preocuparme por no tener tiempo libre y desistí de hacer grandes planes, abandoné los mega-proyectos de futuro. Hoy hago lo que encuentro correcto, lo que me gusta, cuando quiero y a mi propio ritmo. Hoy sé, que eso es… simplicidad.

Cuando me amé de verdad, desistí de querer tener siempre la razón y, con eso, erré muchas menos veces. Así descubrí la… humildad.

Cuando me amé de verdad, desistí de quedar reviviendo el pasado y de preocuparme por el futuro. Ahora, me mantengo en el presente, que es donde la vida acontece. Hoy vivo un día a la vez. Y eso se llama… plenitud.

Cuando me amé de verdad, comprendí que mi mente puede atormentarme y decepcionarme. Pero cuando yo la coloco al servicio de mi corazón, es una valiosa aliada. Y esto es… saber vivir!

No debemos tener miedo de cuestionarnos… Hasta los planetas chocan y del caos nacen las estrellas.

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